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Article 1: NAME
The name of this organization shall be the Visual Communication Division.

Article 2: PURPOSE
The purpose of the Division shall be to promote education, research and service in visual communication.

Section 1: Regular membership is open to all members in good standing of the National Communication Association who are interested in education, research and service in the field of visual communication.

Section 2: Voting membership shall consist of those regular members who have notified the NCA of their interest in affiliating with the division.

Section 3: Initial application for affiliation must be declared in writing one month before any scheduled meeting.

Article 4: OFFICERS
Section 1: The officers of the Division must be voting members and consist of the Chairperson, the Vice Chairperson, the Vice Chairperson-Elect, the Secretary and the immediate Past Chairperson.

Section 2: Election of the Secretary shall be conducted bi-annually at the regular meeting of the Division.

Section 3: Election of the Vice Chairperson-elect shall be conducted annually at the regular meeting of the Division.

Section 4: The Vice Chairperson shall succeed to the office of Chairperson.

Section 5: The Vice Chairperson-Elect shall succeed to the office of Vice Chairperson.

Section 6: The duties and responsibilities of the officers are listed in the bylaws of the National Communication Association. (Cite article and sections here)

Section 7: Officers shall be elected by those voting members present at the annual meeting from a slate of candidates from:

Subsection A: Those recommended by the nominating committee consisting of the officers; or
Subsection B: Those nominations from the floor at the annual meeting.
Section 8: In the event of vacation of any office, the executive committee will be empowered to appoint an individual to fill the unexpired term.
Article 5: MEETINGS
The regular business meetings of the Division shall be held annually during the NCA convention.
Section 1: The Executive Board shall consist of the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Vice Chairperson-Elect, Secretary, immediate past Chairperson, and chairpersons of the (1) Research, and (2) Media committees.
Section 2: The Executive Board shall act in the stead of the organization between annual meetings.
Section 1: The Division shall have two standing committees: Research and Media.
Section 2: The Research Committee shall be in charge of accepting nominations for the annual research award, selecting the winner and recognizing the winner/winners at the annual business meeting.
Section 3: The Media Committee shall be in charge of newsletters, Web sites, and other means used to maintain contact with members of the Division.
Section 4: The Standing Committees shall consist of a minimum of two members. Members will be chosen from the voting membership by:
Subsection A: Voluntary participation by all interested voting members, and/or,
Subsection B: Appointment from the Chairperson.
Section 5: No member shall serve on the same Standing Committee for more than three consecutive years.
The Executive Committee is empowered to appoint ad hoc committees as needed. Ad hoc committees shall exist for no longer than one calendar year.
Article 9: QUORUM
A quorum for the annual meeting shall consist of three officers and those additional voting members of the Commission present at the publicly announced meetings(s).
The parliamentary source for the Division shall be Robert’s Rules of Order.
Section 1: This document shall be adopted by a two-thirds vote of the members present at the 2000 convention.
Section 2: Amendments must be presented in writing to the Secretary at least 30 days before annual meeting. The Secretary shall distribute them to the membership before the annual meeting.
Section 3: A two-thirds vote of the voting members at the annual meeting is necessary for the adoption of an amendment.